About Us

We are a customer focused team having rich experience in Cloud computing, Data Analytics and Visualization, Data Migration and Artificial intelligence with Deep machine learning techniques. We have deep expertise in cloud services, Cloud Migration and Well-Architected Framework. We provide world class solutions that will let you manage your data and develop useful insights from it at a reduced cost and a dramatically improved efficiency. We are geared to provide the same expertise to help our customers succeed using Cloud computing and AI/ML. Whether it is AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, we help and make your Business successful.

mindcloudz mission

Cloud Computing

Maintain your Cloud systems running at high performance, robust security and at low costs.

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Data Analytics

Handle the large volumes of data from many sources and to be able to find insights in an easy to access manner.

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Artificial Intelligence

Design and develop Machine Learning models and setup scalable infrastructure to solve problems and support business needs.

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Manage your data with a scalable blockchain networks and distributed ledger technology

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We do Seminar, Workshops and Training based on customer needs related to Cloud services, Dashboard Design, DB migration, AI and ML use cases.